Energy/Sport’s Drinks Among Worst Oral Health Hazards

Non-cola drinks, such as energy or sport’s drinks, may be great for your physical health and stamina, but they can be bad for your teeth, specifically increasing your risk of cavities. Researchers studied their effect on oral health and it showed a shocking discovery: the most aggressive dissolution effect on teeth enamel were energy or… Read more »

Restoring a Lost Tooth

If you’ve knocked out a tooth or had to have a tooth extracted because of severe decay or another issue, tooth replacement treatments can restore your smile to its former functionality. Here are some of the amazing tooth replacement treatments that we can offer you: – Dentures are an amazing tooth-replacement service that is removable… Read more »

Nitrous Oxide: The Sedative Better Known as Laughing Gas

While common, dental visits shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, there are those who require a dental anesthetic to get them through—especially when the procedure is more extensive. When this is the case, there are various options your dentist will have to choose from. For the anxious or nervous patient, laughing gas is the dentist’s… Read more »

Our Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Can Complement Your Smile

At Stephen Babin DDS, we are pleased to help our patients repair their smiles effectively while using methods that complement their appearance. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering cosmetic dentistry for our patients in Metairie, Louisiana wanting to restore their tooth-issues with natural-looking results. For example, to repair dental fillings, we… Read more »

The Severity of a Chipped Tooth Will Help Determine the Necessary Treatment Option

The American Association of Endodontists notes that chipped and fractured tooth enamel is one of the most common forms of oral trauma. This is often the result of an athletic injury, bruxism complications, or a bad habit like crunching on ice. If one of your teeth has been chipped or fractured in any way, you… Read more »

The Symptoms of a Cracked Tooth

If you break a tooth, or have a tooth knocked out, you will know it right away. There will be pain, tooth debris, and possibly bleeding. But what if you have a crack in your tooth? Although a cracked tooth is a serious problem, you may not be aware that you have one. In many… Read more »

Dental Crowns: The Process

If you think a dental crown may suit one or more of your teeth, you may be onto something! Stephen Babin DDS is here to tell you about how our office will fit you with that crown. We can most often finish the process in only two visits. For the duration of the first, your… Read more »

The Details of Dental Fillings

Cavities are very common. Chances are, you’ve gotten one. But do you know what it is, really? Cavities are small holes that form in your tooth enamel, the outermost layer of your teeth. Cavities must be stopped in their tracks or they may burrow into the root or pulp of your teeth, resulting in infection… Read more »

How to Use a Water Flosser

Do you know about water flossers? A water flosser uses a high pressure water stream to clean in between your teeth. Water flossers make cleaning your smile so much easier—especially because you don’t have to deal with soggy fingers, slippery floss, and damaged gums. They are especially ideal for those with muscle disorders or braces…. Read more »

Make Sure to go to Your Biannual Exam and Cleaning

Visiting the dentist twice a year along with your daily regimen of brushing and flossing daily is key in preventing dental damage. A biannual checkup will allow your dentist to monitor your dental health and provide any dental services to keep your smile healthy and stop possible infections. You will have a better chance at… Read more »