Celebrate March’s Dental Holidays With Us!

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March is a busy month in the dental community. With National Dentist’s Day on March 6 and Dental Assistants Recognition Week from March 5th to March 11th, we would like to give a huge shoutout to our team and thank them for all their hard work every day! Our dental family loves helping your family’s smiles thrive, and it gives us great joy to be part of your ongoing dental experience.

National Dentist’s Day

Dentists provide the expertise needed to prevent, diagnose and treat oral diseases. They observe the growth of your teeth and jaws and perform surgical treatments like tooth extractions and root canals to keep your mouth and body as healthy as possible. This also means you can smile with confidence!

Dental Assistants Recognition Week

Just like dentists, our dental assistants also keep your smile and body healthier. Recognized by the American Dental Assistants Association, dental assistants are considered multi-talented members of any dental team for providing essential supportive dental care:

  • Comforting and listening to our patients
  • Providing an extra set of eyes, ears and hands where needed
  • Keeping everything running smoothly
  • Supporting the rest of our dental team
  • Performing infection control tasks

Our dental team depends on the work of our dentist and assistants so you get the high-quality dental care you and your family need.

National Nutrition Month

March is also National Nutrition Month, and eating better helps you create and maintain healthy teeth and gums for a healthier mouth and body. Did you know calcium, some fatty acids, vitamins C and D, and proteins can help your jaw and teeth function better? Protein fixes tissue and builds bone so you have a healthier bone density. Getting enough protein by eating healthy, whole foods with vital nutrients for optimal oral health can help keep your smile strong.

Build Better Oral Health With Your Food

Eating foods that are good for your teeth are also typically good for your whole body. Think calcium-rich low-fat cheese, fat-free or low-fat milk, plain yogurt, and leafy greens. High-protein foods like eggs, fish, meat and poultry actually protect tooth enamel while boosting bone density. Then there are high water content and fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables that increase saliva production, which effectively rinses away food particles, neutralizes acids and prevents tooth decay.

Fun Fact: Tooth Enamel is one of the strongest and hardest materials in your body! But it can also be weakened, eroded, or destroyed by oral acids and sugars from the foods and beverages you consume. Anything you can do to protect tooth enamel with the foods and drinks you ingest can make a huge difference in your health.

Food and Beverage Tips:

  • Drink green or black teas to neutralize bad oral bacteria.
  • Chew sugar-free gum to boost saliva levels.
  • Eat high-fiber fruits and veggies.
  • Protect enamel with tooth-strengthening foods or drinks (grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas, peaches, watermelon, cherries, spinach, potatoes, shrimp, crab legs, black tea and coffee).
  • Consume vitamin C and other antioxidants (grapefruit, oranges, strawberries, cranberries, kiwis and apples).
  • Eggs, lean meat, nuts, beans, green leafy vegetables, carrots and fish are all good choices as well.

Tend to Your Smile

We hope you enjoy March by focusing on your oral health goals. No matter the dental care (whether you need a routine dental cleaning and exam, better oral hygiene care tips, or cosmetic or dental restoration), our dentist, dental assistants, and our staff are here for you and ready to support your smile! Give us a call today!