Restoring a Lost Tooth

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If you’ve knocked out a tooth or had to have a tooth extracted because of severe decay or another issue, tooth replacement treatments can restore your smile to its former functionality. Here are some of the amazing tooth replacement treatments that we can offer you:

– Dentures are an amazing tooth-replacement service that is removable for easy cleaning. Dentures are versatile; partial dentures replace a few missing teeth, or complete dentures can replace one or both arches of teeth for an entire smile makeover. Our dentist can determine which type of denture is best for your specific case.
– Dental bridges can improve your dental health by permanently replacing missing teeth. Bridges are very tough and can be easily repaired or replaced if damaged.
– Dental implants are the longest lasting and likely the strongest tooth replacement of the three and can last your entire life. They are titanium posts implanted directly into your jawbone that tighten their hold over time due to a biological process called osseointegration. They look and function just like your natural teeth.

Depending on your age, oral health, and jawbone structure, our dentist can help you find which tooth-replacement treatment will best meet your needs. Dr. Stephen Babin and our team would be delighted to see you at our dentist office in Metairie, Louisiana. To book an appointment, you can call us at 504-887-2428.