Our Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings Can Complement Your Smile

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At Stephen Babin DDS, we are pleased to help our patients repair their smiles effectively while using methods that complement their appearance. One of the ways we accomplish this is by offering cosmetic dentistry for our patients in Metairie, Louisiana wanting to restore their tooth-issues with natural-looking results.

For example, to repair dental fillings, we offer composite dental fillings. These tooth-colored dental fillings blend in with the rest of your smile for discreet results, while also restoring the form and function of the tooth. Our patients find that these make excellent restorations for their front teeth.

By using composite resin fillings, Dr. Stephen Babin can fix teeth that are worn, chipped, or broken teeth while strengthening them in the process. Since our plastic and glass fillings are bonded directly to the damaged tooth, unlike amalgam fillings, this allows us to preserve more of the tooth’s structure, thereby strengthening it. The composite resin filling can also be contoured and shaped to give your tooth natural-looking results.

But composite fillings allow you to eat (or drink) your favorite foods. How? The material doesn’t react to temperature changes, so you don’t have to worry about the filling contracting or expanding, or the tooth fracturing as a result.

To care for your composite dental filling, simply maintain your diligent daily oral hygiene care. Brush and floss every day to keep cavities from developing around the filling edges. Along with professional dental cleanings every six months your composite filling should serve you well for a long time.

Would you like to know more about or tooth-colored fillings by our skilled dentist, Dr. Stephen Babin, please call 504-887-2428 today. Our team in Metairie, Louisiana, is ready to help you restore your smile with the quality care you deserve.