Is Sugarless Gum Capable of Preventing Tooth Decay?

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Have you ever wondered if sugarless gum is capable of preventing tooth decay or cavities? Although it may seem a bit ridiculous that gum could have potential mouth-saving properties, there may be some truth to the story.

Sugarless gum is often used as a mouth freshener and in some modern brands, claims tend to elicit beliefs in teeth-whitening properties, although they can vary widely between brands. However, the act of chewing gum may indeed help prevent cavities, as it can help to wash away plaque and bacteria. If you suffer from any jaw pain, you may have a TMJ disorder, in which it is best to avoid chewing gum until your jaw has fully healed.

Sugarless gum is also capable of neutralizing acids that seek to cause dental erosion and damage your tooth enamel. However, although sugarless gum is beneficial for your smile, it should never be used as a replacement to brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Chewing gum is best used after meals when your teeth may be too sensitive for toothpaste.

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