Fill the Gap With a Dental Bridge

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Have you recently lost one or more teeth due to an accident or a dental issue like extensive tooth decay? Losing a tooth can make simple things like speaking and chewing more difficult. The remaining teeth can also drift out of their proper positions because of the space left by a lost tooth. Because of these and other reasons, if you have lost a tooth, Dr. Stephen Babin may recommend a dental bridge in Metairie, Louisiana.

A dental bridge consists of a replacement tooth with a dental crown attached to either side. The dental crowns are anchored onto the teeth on either side of the space.

When you come to our office, the abutment teeth will be prepared to allow room for the dental bridge in your mouth. Impressions will then be taken of your teeth so that your dental bridge can be custom made. Once your dental bridge is ready, our dentist will check the fit and color and make any needed adjustments. The final bridge is cemented permanently into place.

To care for your new dental bridge, clean it as you would your regular teeth. Brush twice a day and floss at least once every day. It is also important that you visit our office at least twice a year for professional dental cleanings.

We invite you to contact our office at 504-887-2428 today for more information about dental bridges and to schedule your next visit.