Experiencing Dental Anxiety Before an Appointment?

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Do you get nervous or anxious before visiting the dentist? You are not alone. Those who experience nervousness about their dental care or an appointment tend to have exaggerated fears. Here at Stephen Babin DDS we want to ease these fears and make your appointment as pleasant as possible.

To make your visit to our office more enjoyable and stress-free, tell us about your dental worries by calling us at 504-887-2428 or before your initial appointment. Your dentist and associates will be better able to communicate with you. Discuss what makes you nervous whether it’s noise, closeness, etc. or if you have had bad experiences in the past.

Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, and we can agree on a signal if you need a break. If you have a certain level of pain tolerance, tell your dentist so we can make you more comfortable and communicate if you need a break.

Distract yourself with objects or mind techniques. Listen to your favorite music or book, squeeze a stress ball, or play with a toy to occupy your hands. Count your breaths by inhaling and exhaling slowly. Do this while waiting for and during your dental appointment. Relax your muscles by focusing on different parts of your body to calm down. These are just some ways to be stress-free during your meeting.

Avoiding the dentist will leave you at a higher risk for developing dental problems, so let’s work together to ensure you are comfortable coming to the office and for future appointments. Call us today at 504-887-2428 here in Metairie, Louisiana for an appointment or consultation. Stephen Babin DDS wants to give you the best care for you and your dental health.