Does Your Smile Suffer from Any Lost Members?

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Does your smile suffer from any lost members? Have you lost teeth in the past, or are you suffering from badly damaged teeth which need to be replaced? If so, our dental bridges can restore your smile with a safe and effective alternative option to dentures. Dental bridges fill the voids left behind from missing teeth and fill out your smile. If you are interested in learning more about dental bridges, consider the following benefits a dental bridge can provide:

  • When compared to your ability with missing teeth, your capability to eat food is vastly improved with dental bridges.
  • Missing teeth can cause bite miscalculations. Dental bridges can return your mouth’s actions, constancy, and positions back in order.
  • Healthy, natural teeth can shift and slide if the gaps left from missing teeth are not covered up.
  • When compared to missing teeth, especially those in the front of the mouth, dental bridges can improve your smile’s overall charm.
  • Dental bridges can help return your facial structure to normalcy and distribute bite pressure evenly amongst your teeth.
  • Speech patterns can be improved with dental bridges. Your upper front teeth are usually considered the most important for speaking, and dental bridges do an amazing job in replicating the ability if those teeth should ever be lost.

If you would like an oral examination to learn more about our various tooth replacement options, please schedule an appointment with Dr. Stephen Babin, by calling us at 504-887-2428 and speaking with a member of our team. Our office is conveniently located in Metairie, Louisiana. We are excited to help restore your smile for years to come!