Boost the Longevity of Your Dental Bonding

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Dental bonding is often used to fix teeth that have been chipped, become discolored or have too large of gaps between them. The question is once you have these issues dealt with, how do you make the dental bonding endure?

Well, first you want to make sure the bonding does not chip or break itself. Chewing ice and crushing hard candy can take out your dental bonding, and these actions can cause problems for your natural teeth too. You can also help the bonding and your teeth by not opening things like food packaging and chewing on things like pencils. As you are careful about what you sink your teeth into, you can make the bonding last.

You will also want to reduce your intake of foods and drinks that stain. Some items that are notorious for staining bonding are tea, coffee and red wine. You will probably not have to totally give them up, but you should not drink too much of them so the bonding will not stain.

Even so, stains can always be a problem. Fortunately, if you keep up with brushing and flossing everyday, you can reduce your chances of staining the bonding. You can also come into our office every six months for a dental cleaning. Our dentist, Dr. Stephen Babin, has more effective cleaning tools that can catch things you would miss.

If something does happen to the bonding, you can get it replaced here at our office in Metairie, Louisiana. Feel free to call us at 504-887-2428 and we look forward to helping you!